Friday, November 14, 2008

Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge
Highway 441

Tallulah Falls, Ga.

(left)Hurricane Fall 2.5 miles round trip

This is a great hike for those who like climbing over boulders and logs . Some of the rock surfaces are very steep and slippery so caution is needed. Access to the trail is behind the Interpretive Center, where permits to access the canyon floor can be obtained. We started with a easy stair case down, which at one point crosses a suspension bridge 80 feet over the gorge floor. A little scary for me as I am not big on suspension bridges or heights. I recommend going with someone you trust and won’t let you back out! Finish the stairs (all 1,099 of them) and then you cross to the other side of the gorge by boulder hopping. Spectacular views from the suspension bridge and from the bottom of the falls. The trail continues once you cross to the other side. Some of the surfaces are steep and slippery so caution is advised. At the end of the trail is a reward for those young at heart. Sliding Rock pool!

Very nice in the summer. I would recommend a change of clothes or time to dry off before the climb back up the gorge. There are several other trails one is off the staircase and it is called the North Rim Trail. It’s about ¾ of a mile and leads back to the Interpretive Center. There are some very nice views and overlooks on this trail also. There is a view of the Tallulah Falls Dam. The link below has all the information you will need, directions etc. One last note if you decide to take the trip it is well worth it to find a little country store called Goats on the Roof. A wonderfully amusing site to finish the day.


  1. Oh what...goats on the roof?? Yak!

  2. Yeah this place is great!A little country store with goats living on the roof with their own little village and bridge. Just like the Three Billy Goats Gruff. :) I loved it.


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