Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bethabra Village

Bethabra Village in Winston Salem NC is a nice walk if you can't get out of the city for a hike. Founded in 1753 there are several buildings and foundations. I enjoy the few little trails they have depending on the time of year there is some great fauna to be seen.

The gardens are kept by volunteers who are often there to share their knowledge with you about the plants. The medical gardens are one of the first documented in the United States. Very beautiful in the spring with many different flowers blooming interspersed between the vegetables and along the fences.

The boardwalk area that takes you out to the bogs unfortunately has fell into disrepair making it difficult to access after a rain. One can find interesting plants such as these mushrooms which a friend informed
me were called elf ears.

For those who are history buffs there are foundations, old fort posts, and several restored buildings. Tours are available also if this is something you like.

All in all a nice walk.

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