Friday, July 31, 2009

Doughton Park Trails

(on a hill early am above picnic area Doughton Park)

Doughton Park has some wonderful trails for all types of hikers. Short ones with great views to Fodder's Stack and Wild Cat Rock Overlook. For a great wildflower hike Bluff Mountain Trail from the picnic area is very nice. Park up at the turn around area, cut up the hill through the fence and keep right. If you go left that takes you to the Bluff Ridge Primitive Trail past the shelter. Going right you will come to a rocky area and the trail winds down through the woods and along the edge of the BRP. On previous posts I talked about Caudle Cabin and the Basin Creek Trail. This is my favorite by far. Looking forward to trying the Bluff Ridge Primitive and Cedar Ridge Trail. Here are a few photos from the area.

(Tom on same hill as the sun is rising)

(Tom jumping the fence at Picnic parking area)

(Caleb Jumping same fence)

Tom & Caleb are the best hiking partners, you never know what they will be up to!
My upcoming blog will be on what I call...... In Search of............ a Tom Wise adventure for sure.

I love this hike because you never know what you will see.

(Wildflowers along Bluff Ridge Trail)

(Turk's Cap Lily, Bluff Ridge Trail)

(Leather Flowers Below)

(Tom on top of Fodder's Stack)

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