Friday, February 5, 2010


The Okefinokee Swamp

Just a few immediate thoughts of a beautiful place.
Into the land of the gators, reflections of life in the past, a look into another world of fairy flies & mirror images where one's imagination can easily deceive. I looked into the reflections and in them saw a world like no other but how can that be? The reflections were of this world, but I could not look at this one while navigating the winding water ways I was drawn only to the reflections. I pondered on what lie beneath the surface of all that beauty. I know there is a dark place under there where alligators lurk waiting for the likes of me to become lost in the magic of the swamp. But somehow I felt within the depths of the water there lay a world of fairy lights and fairy flies that danced in the evening sun. There is a beauty within the swamp the reflections make it seem as if there is no where else to go as if the trail has ended. Then and only then do the eyes look up into this world to find the path which one must take to take the next step of the journey.

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